1. Reservation and Customer service Enquiries

Chaklo.com is a travel Meta search engine and we do not sell flight tickets or make hotel reservations. We search all online Airlines companies, Car Rentals and hotel reservation sites and find you the best priced travel services. You then book directly with the website on which we found the best price. Chaklo.com is free to use and we do not markup rates or add any extra fees to the results returned by our search engine.

After selecting the preferred deal on chaklo.com, you will be redirected to the website of the Airline / hotel supplier or the car rental provider to complete your reservation directly on their website. Chaklo.com does not keep a record of your reservation and does not have the ability to make or change reservations. We cannot provide any information such as telephone numbers or email addresses. Any questions regarding bookings, amendments or cancellations should be directed to the supplier’s website.

Helpful tips to determine on which website your booking took place:

  • Check your credit card statement
  • Check your email confirmation for contact information or the reply to address

2. Inaccurate prices or website errors

Chaklo.com is a travel Meta search engine that searches over 1100 travel related sites simultaneously and displays the results. The prices and availability we display come directly from our suppliers. Sometimes errors can occur, and this can be due to technical reasons and inaccurate information supplied to us. We make every effort to bring you accurate prices, availability and hotel content and we are working with our suppliers to minimize these errors. Please report any errors you come across and we will investigate them immediately.

We appreciate your help!

3. Information from Management

Our Management is fully aware, understand and accept the importance of communication between its partners and customers. In case you would like to receive reply from the management on any particular issue they will be happy to assist you with the same.

Please drop us an email on info@chaklo.com. We are here to help, support and guide you.