About Us

In plain and simple words, Chaklo.com

A convenient way to book travel. Think of Chaklo as a price comparison website that helps you find the best deals available on internet for booking Flights, hotels and cars at the best price in minimum time Instead of having to search through various travel sites separately. We Search over 1100 online Airline and travel websites at Google style top-speed to within seconds give you an overview of the cheapest flights, hotels and cars we can find for you. We are committed to showing the "complete, honest and Un-biased comparison" of the deals which can be booked on the Internet today.

Chaklo.com is free to use. We are not involved in the pricing process and do not change prices displayed by the reservation websites.

Chaklo is not...

Chaklo is not a travel agent or an online travel agency. We don't sell you anything since we have nothing to sell (well, that's not exactly true, since we do sell ad space).Chaklo don't have any flight tickets ,hotel rooms to sell you, but the travel sites we search most definitely do. But, we Un-biasedly suggest you check out what they have to offer whenever you are in need of any travel-related products by searching on chaklo.com. Search on Chaklo.com and book with those other friendly people (who are not Chaklo.com).